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Energy waste busting ghost

Now your kids can be reminded to turn the lights off when not in use with this somewhat creepy little ghost. He turns yellow after the lights have been on for 4+ hours and an angry red when on for 8+ hours. It might scare your kids, but even they need a kick in the environmental pants every once in a while. Read more at Gajitz.

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Chipotle to install solar panels on 75 restaurants

The fast food chain has committed in the past to sustainable food sourcing, now they are committing to clean energy dependence. From the Founder, Chairman and CEO: “Our effort to change the way people think about and eat fast food began with our commitment to serving food made with ingredients from more sustainable sources, and that same kind of thinking now influences all areas of our business”. Read more.

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Your iPhone can measure the wind

If you’ve got an iPhone, and there are 45 million people who do, you can now check any location to see if there’s enough wind to support a wind turbine. It uses the phone’s microphone to measure wind speed which doesn’t sound super reliable. But hey, this is a cool eco-innovation and that’s what this site is all about. Read more.

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