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Wall Street goes green

At Hippie Magazine we like to find the coolest green news, products, technology and innovations. That’s why it suits us to bring up Goldman Sachs’ efforts to go green. They’ve found out it’s not just good business to “green up your act” but it just feels like the right thing to do. Beginning in 2004, they have begun investing in environmentally friendly projects with a vengeance. From buying land to preserve in Chile to their new $2 Billion green headquarters, they’re going green and bringing Wall Street with them. Read more here.

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Eco hosting is an economical option

Green web hosting is a relatively new option for the webmaster. It has evolved over its short life but some standards have developed. A good green web host powers it’s servers with renewable energy, uses efficient servers and give back to the community through environmental efforts. We’re hosted by BlueServers.org which is both a green and progressive web host. Check them out here.

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10 alternatives to wrapping paper

Wrapping paper is one of the most wasteful products. We do not need to cover our already over-packaged, unneeded products in a thin, heavily dyed paper. But that doesn’t mean we’re against the excitement and surprise of Christmas. So challenge yourself to try one of these waste reducing alternatives to wrapping paper this year. Tote bags – We have done a great job moving away from plastic and paper bags, but some of us are finding tons of extra tote bags lying around. Use this handy video to learn how to wrap presents with one of these tote bags. Newspaper – if you still get a wasteful newspaper delivered to your door, think about reusing it to wrap your gifts …

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