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Cows generating our electricity

A number of companies including Central Vermont Public Service are moving to technology that allows farmers to make a few extra bucks on their bovines. They are employing a technique that harvests methane from cow manure, generates electricity with it, then processes the manure to serve as an organic bedding for the cows (read: less hay). This solves another huge issue (at least here in Vermont) of waste chemicals from fertilizing agricultural fields leeching into the water system and our beautiful lake.

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Turn your roof into a clean power plant

DOW has come up with another way to integrate clean energy generation into a limited home space. Perhaps you don’t have enough room on your property for a wind turbine? Many people don’t, but are just as interested in going green. The DOW Solar Shingle can replace your existing roof shingles and tie into a solar power system, taking your home partially (or completely) off the grid.

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