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Top 10 Green Stories (with commentary)

Deepwater Horizon tragedy among the top environmental stories of 2010

Top 10 environmental stories for 2010 Grist has released their top 10 green stories of 2010.  They are republished here with my own commentary. Republicans deny climate change (still).  It seems shocking, but yes, the republicans in Congress are still denying the scientific preponderance of evidence that the climate is warming at a dangerous rate.  This includes both current (outgoing) and incoming congressmen and women.  How can this be after so many of them campaigned with climate change as a major component of their platforms?  It’s politics folks. The house passed a solid climate change bill and the Senate promptly killed it in their typically cowardly fashion.  They sliced and diced until the bill had no teeth and made no …

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Completely Unecessary BP Gaffe

Max Read over at Gawker noticed a very interesting issue with a recently released PB photo.  The image shows three men, diligently watching a ten-screen monitor bank with varying footage of the spill.  BP labeled this photo on their website “Houston Command Center”.  Sounds very official! The problem is, the image was photoshopped to add three images to blank screens.  The image meta data indicates the photo was taken in March of 2001 as well.  As Gawker puts it, their photographer either doesn’t know how to work their camera, or BP is downright lying. In addition to lying to the American public for the, ummm, bazillionth time this summer, it seems the lie was completely unnecessary.  Despite what some conference …

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NASA Shows us the global perspective on the Gulf Oil Spill

NASA has released time-lapse shots of the gulf oil spill.  Watch the most devastating oil spill in American history unfold in only 2 minutes.  Shocking because it has undone decades of environmental progress and will take 100 years before we will know the Gulf Region the way it was before BP ruined it. Take a close look at the color.  The oil emerges gray, and quickly turns colors as a result of weathering and toxic dispersing chemicals being liberally used by BP. If you’re not nauseous yet, take a look at this blatant corporate deceit.  This target demonstrates how the “estimates” of oil spillage changed over time.  What it really shows is how BP was forced to adjust their “estimates” …

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BP Bankrupt over spill? Unlikely

I’m no economist, and I don’t have an MBA.  But I can tell you this about the recent speculation that BP could go bankrupt over the Gulf Oil Spill.  Not a chance.  Here’s why: BP’s daily profit (not sales… profit) still exceeds what they’re spending on the spill cleanup efforts.  Last year alone they made $17 Billion.  As my wife puts it: “That’s not even a real number”. Although BP’s stock may be tumbling, two sad truths exist: a) This whole oil spill will be out of the public consciousness in a matter of weeks after the cleanup is finished. b) Stock prices tumbling may anger investors, but BP still has vast amounts of assets they could sell to cover …

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Gulf Oil Spill Discussion

I usually strive to bring readers cool, clever eco-innovations.  However I must take a quick break to discuss the Gulf Oil Spill which is monopolizing the news in the U.S. over the last month. Amidst heavy discussion stateside about domestic oil drilling, many opinions have surfaced.  Americans are deeply dependent on foreign oil.  That has not been much debated as the numbers support consumption.  We simply do not have enough oil drilling and processing capacity in the U.S., so we look to Middle Eastern countries to supplement our needs.  Americans consume vast amounts of oil per capita.  more so than most industrialized countries. Whether we have enough domestic supply to meet our needs is debatable, and debated consistently.  However whether …

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