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Eco Friendly Companies Enjoy Many Positive Returns

Eco friendly businesses find good returns both economically and environmentally

The primary effect of becoming an eco-friendly business is the obvious one – it helps to sustain our environment, and we’ve only got the one. But researchers are now finding even more positive outcomes for businesses that decide to become green friendly. For example, a 2012 study by professors at the University of California Los Angeles and the University Paris-Dauphine examined employees at more than 5,000 French companies. The study measured employee productivity by taking a company’s revenue minus expenses and then dividing by the number of employees. What they found is that employees at “green companies” – those that follow eco-friendly practices – were on average 16 times more productive than workers in companies with no green initiatives. Why? …

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5 Business Behaviors the Negatively Impact Our Planet

How business can become more environmentally sustainable

By Donald Parfew Being green has never been so important. With the planet in a state of decline we need to do all we can to help alleviate the problem. It isn’t just individuals needing to subscribe to this mentality either. Businesses need to get on board and contribute by operating in a greener fashion. Only with all of us pulling together will we make a difference. Waste According to DEFRA the average UK commercial and industrial waste total is in decline, which is good news. However, more still needs to be done. Many companies recycle and reuse a lot of what they generate from providing their products or services but it’s the little things that can make the difference. Implementing …

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3 Green Jobs to Watch in 2013

Three green jobs to look for in 2013

While the U.S. economy has been slow to embrace the going green movement, there are pockets of green careers that are blossoming around the country.  Whether from the average consumer looking to do their part in curbing the effects of climate change, or local cities and towns stepping up to the plate – it all means green jobs.  Green jobs are everywhere, in fact they span over 300 sectors and last March, green careers reached an all time high of 3.1 million active jobs. Understanding Green Jobs in America According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), green jobs fall into two categories, they either produce goods or services that focus on positive environmental impacts or they involve making …

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GMO Labeling Measure Receives Prop Number for November Ballot

GMO labeling initiative in California

In November California voters will decide on the fate of the "Right To Know Genetically Engineered Food Act".

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Hate Groups and Wal-Mart: How the Two Are Connected

What is the correlation between Walmart and hate groups

Hate groups continue to increase in numbers throughout the US - one unusual variable has come to the forefront of why: large retail establishments, like Wal-Mart.

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Reducing Our Eco Footprints – Quick Tips for Business Owners

Eco tips for business owners

Guest post by LED Mavens Businesses of all sizes are facing a new imperative to reduce their eco footprints. On the one hand is a growing market of environmentally conscious consumers. Purchases, which once revolved around simply getting the best product or service for the lowest price, are increasingly being made based on the new calculus of sustainability. Consumers have shown a willingness to spend a little more for products and services that include carbon offsets, organic and chemical-free labeling, and affiliation with trusted alliances like the Fair Trade movement. On the other hand, businesses have their own calculus to consider. Energy prices continue increasing, and the economy has yet to recover anything approximating a steady rate of growth to match …

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Completely Unecessary BP Gaffe

Max Read over at Gawker noticed a very interesting issue with a recently released PB photo.  The image shows three men, diligently watching a ten-screen monitor bank with varying footage of the spill.  BP labeled this photo on their website “Houston Command Center”.  Sounds very official! The problem is, the image was photoshopped to add three images to blank screens.  The image meta data indicates the photo was taken in March of 2001 as well.  As Gawker puts it, their photographer either doesn’t know how to work their camera, or BP is downright lying. In addition to lying to the American public for the, ummm, bazillionth time this summer, it seems the lie was completely unnecessary.  Despite what some conference …

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BP Beginning Test Of New Cap

The new cap has been in place since yesterday and BP is starting to choke off the flow of oil as part of a gradual test of the effectiveness of this new solution.  The new cap fits tighter on over the existing pipe and is optimistically expected to cut off all of the spilling oil. For the first time, we are being asked and expected to create a plan for after the spill.  For nearly three months, the broken well has been spewing oil into the Gulf of Mexico.  We have been so consumed with the oil drifting towards U.S. shores and slapping BP’s wrists for their ineptitude that we have been unable to create a strong and achievable plan …

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EV Infrastructure Moves Forward

Think back to the ’90s when Electric Vehicles first became a reality for the average consumer. (Yes, I mean the 90’s that happened 20 years ago, EV’s were alive and well then). One of the chief concerns for both consumers and change-makers was that of range.  EV manufacturers are now toying with different solutions to the same problem: people don’t want to be limited by battery life or lack of charging stations. A small startup is hoping to be one component of the answer.  They are testing a battery swapping station that will allow, in this stage of development, three taxi cabs to drive in and roll along a conveyor belt as if in a car wash.  In less than …

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How Green is Your Money?

Every day we make choices that not only shape our own experience, but impact other life around us and the world. Some of the most significant far-reaching choices involve how we choose to use money. And so we buy local. We buy organic and sustainably produced products and food. We support fair trade and patronize environmentally minded companies. Whenever we spend money we do so if at all possible in a way that reinforces our values and ideals. But what was that money supporting before it was spent? If it was saved in an account at a major bank like Bank of America, Citigroup or JP Morgan Chase, then it may well have been used to finance environmentally destructive projects …

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