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Eco-Friendly Gold Extraction: How Cornstarch is Revolutionizing the Mining World

Is there an eco-friendly way to extract gold?

Mining gold often comes at the expense of the environment. The use of cornstarch, however, could change all that, making the process much greener and less expensive.

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Five Sports Stadiums That Champion the Environment

2012 Olympic Stadium

Stadiums around the world that are making a lot of noise not only during a sporting event, but around the green community as well.

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Stock Up on Eco-Fuel for Winter by Recycling Autumn Leaves

Recycle autumn leaves for eco-fuel

Guest post by Lewis Davies Stock up on eco-fuel for winter by recycling autumn leaves Autumn is a spectacular season heralding the end of summer with a cascade of red, brown and golden falling leaves. Most of us appreciate nature’s beauty at this time of year, but consider the task of raking up and bagging the leaves to be a painful chore with little benefit. However, the leaves that fall from the trees in this season are a great source of carbon-neutral fuel that we can stock up on to last us through the winter. Bagging up leaves (and other so-called “garden waste”) for the refuse collectors to take away, and pile on top of already heaving landfill sites, is …

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Reducing Our Eco Footprints – Quick Tips for Business Owners

Eco tips for business owners

Guest post by LED Mavens Businesses of all sizes are facing a new imperative to reduce their eco footprints. On the one hand is a growing market of environmentally conscious consumers. Purchases, which once revolved around simply getting the best product or service for the lowest price, are increasingly being made based on the new calculus of sustainability. Consumers have shown a willingness to spend a little more for products and services that include carbon offsets, organic and chemical-free labeling, and affiliation with trusted alliances like the Fair Trade movement. On the other hand, businesses have their own calculus to consider. Energy prices continue increasing, and the economy has yet to recover anything approximating a steady rate of growth to match …

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Recycled Fuel: An Eco-Friendly Way to Heat Your Home and Garden

You can use recycled fuel to save mony, stay warm, and lesson your environmental footprint

Guest post by Laura Philips If you’ve got a chiminea, a fire-pit, or a wood-burning stove, you’ll know that few things really match the romance and comfort of a real fire. Stoves and chimineas are surprisingly effective heaters, and choosing recycled fuel will go a long way towards reducing your carbon footprint and producing cleaner, more eco-friendly heat. There are a variety of eco-friendly recycled fuels available these days and you can find a fuel which will not only burn cleaner and hotter than wood, but which will be a lot lighter on your wallet, too. Sawdust logs One of the most readily-available and cheapest recycled fuels, these are logs or briquettes, often referred to as eco-logs, heat-logs, or chim …

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