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5 Tips for a More Energy Efficient Home

Making your home more energy efficient just makes sense

Energy efficiency is all the rage these days. Stable energy prices are likely a thing of the past. In times of economic uncertainty, fluctuating utility bills are an ever greater burden. Not only are people concerned about their bills, but they’re also concerned about their carbon footprint and ensuring that Mother Earth, as we’ve known her for the past 10,000+ years, is around for future generations. If you want to make your home more energy efficient, here are five tips you should follow. Replace old appliances Old appliances are one of the biggest sources of energy in the home. From the refrigerator and stove to the washer and dryer, they seem to make the meter spin round and round. New …

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Save Money and Help the Environment: Learn How to Slay Energy Vampires

By Kathy Montgomery From the nearest cineplex to the pages of a classic bodice ripper, the undead are all the rage these days. But bet you didn’t know there are vampires lurking in your home at this very moment. We don’t mean the garlic-fearing, casket-dwelling, “I vant to suck your blood” variety, but we do mean something as equally insidious, at least when it comes to your monthly electric bill: energy vampires. These are appliances that draw power 24 hours a day, even when you think they’re not in use. And while you can’t kill them with a stake to the heart, there are other ways to save money and safeguard the planet. Stealing Your Energy While leaving your cell …

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Supplement Your Boiler with Solar Power

Guest post by Jag Ture  While no one is quite ready to say that gas boilers are history and renewable sources should be the only source of heat for your home, perhaps two products from Baxi boilers or Potterton boilers can be used in conjunction to provide the best result.  There are various solutions using renewable energy that are ready to be deployed in your home to reduce your carbon footprint and in the long run save money. At Ecobuild 2012, Baxi Boilers focus was still on showcasing their range of combi boilers which focus on efficiency to provide the ideal solution for home heating.  However they also debuted a number of solar powered products with the idea being that when …

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