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5 Tips for a More Energy Efficient Home

Making your home more energy efficient just makes sense

Energy efficiency is all the rage these days. Stable energy prices are likely a thing of the past. In times of economic uncertainty, fluctuating utility bills are an ever greater burden. Not only are people concerned about their bills, but they’re also concerned about their carbon footprint and ensuring that Mother Earth, as we’ve known her for the past 10,000+ years, is around for future generations. If you want to make your home more energy efficient, here are five tips you should follow. Replace old appliances Old appliances are one of the biggest sources of energy in the home. From the refrigerator and stove to the washer and dryer, they seem to make the meter spin round and round. New …

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Energy Efficiency 101: Home Appliances & Efficiency Tips

By Jordan Remington Home appliances are the largest culprits that make energy bills skyrocket. The three most voracious energy gobblers are heaters, air conditioners and water heaters. The energy used to operate water heaters is higher than the monthly consumption of almost all small appliances and digital devices in a typical home combined, according to Duke Energy. As appliances age, efficiency declines, and energy use naturally increases. Older appliances and new Energy Star appliances run better and cost less to operate with proper cleaning and maintenance in the following ways. Climate Control: Heating & Cooling Since heating and cooling units directly impact health and finances, homeowners can’t afford to skimp on maintenance and upkeep. Comparing energy rates bi-annually is good practice. …

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3 Green Jobs to Watch in 2013

Three green jobs to look for in 2013

While the U.S. economy has been slow to embrace the going green movement, there are pockets of green careers that are blossoming around the country.  Whether from the average consumer looking to do their part in curbing the effects of climate change, or local cities and towns stepping up to the plate – it all means green jobs.  Green jobs are everywhere, in fact they span over 300 sectors and last March, green careers reached an all time high of 3.1 million active jobs. Understanding Green Jobs in America According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), green jobs fall into two categories, they either produce goods or services that focus on positive environmental impacts or they involve making …

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Getting the Most Energy Efficiency out of Skylights

Making your home more sustainable with skylights

Guest Post by Ginger Singer Skylights make a home more sustainable because they offer light during the day with no added cost and provide solar heat in the winter.  Not all skylights are energy efficient.  If they are made poorly, they could end up costing more money than they save.  Skylights can effect heat lose and heat gain by up to 40%.  There are ways to make sure that skylights remain energy efficient rather than wreaking havoc on the power bill.  Solar tubes are some of the most energy efficient skylights.  Traditional skylights can also be made to be more efficient. Tubular Skylights Tubular skylights receive sunlight from different angles at all times of the day because of the small dome …

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How to Green Your Plumbing

Greening your plumbing starts with some basic planning

Guest post by John Tarantino Who would have ever guessed that a person could go green in so many different aspects of our lives? If the recent recession has taught us anything, it taught us that we can be green and save money by consuming less and becoming more efficient with what we have. This rule of thumb definitely applies to our plumbing systems in our homes. Conserving water not only saves on water bills, but also reduces the impacts of major environmental issues such as protection of drinking water resources and protection of aquatic life. Conserving water also simultaneously reduces the need for energy in pumping, heating and treating of water. Like many other sustainable strategies, green plumbing is the …

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