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Wangari Maathai: A Seed of Hope that Grew

Special feature by Rosie MacLeod ‘The environment is the water we drink, the air we breathe. We cannot live without it.’ – Wangari Maathai. [1]   When questioned about the documentation of history and knowledge, Margaret Atwood famously described the past as ‘largely made of paper’[2] and the librarians and archivists as its ‘guardians’.[3] However, if you went to rural Kenya, you would see that the past, present and future is composed of and dependent on trees. Its guardian, responsible for planting 51 million of these, is Wangari Maathai (1940-2011). She described her tree planting revolution as ‘planting…a legacy for our children as our ancestors left us.’[4] How would you react if you could see the beautiful countryside in which you …

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How to Go Green on a Budget

Being green starts with just a few simple steps. The rest will follow

Guest post by Katheryne Taylor  You want to go green, but without spending a lot of green. Many people feel they have to buy a lot of organic or environmentally-friendly items to go green, but actually, one of the best ways to do it is to make lifestyle changes that reduce energy usage and waste in general. Let me tell you a story to show what I mean. One day, my boyfriend and I were dumpster diving – in an area in which it was legal – mostly so we could find used clothing to donate to charity. In one dumpster, we saw heaps of clean, stylish women’s clothing shoved into trash bags, along with piles of used books. Along with …

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3 Essential Steps to Budget and Eco-Friendly Traveling

Tips for eco-friendly, low-cost travel

Guest post by Annie Wallace Whenever you travel you are going to be doing at least some harm to the environment. It is part of the dilemma of the carbon footprint; everything from a ride in a bus to flying in a plane can do it. Even walking through a forest and disturbing the habitat of wildlife is enough to make some influence on your surroundings. It is inevitable, especially as a dominating species. But there are positives, too. Seeing other cultures, looking over and gaining an appreciation of the earth around us and learning about other places is enough to give a sense of wonder and protection of out own home regions. Most environmentalists agree that it is worth …

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