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Vents, Cycles, Hums and Volts: Energy Providers’ Banquet

Save money from your energy provider

By┬áLaura Galloway Some states in the U.S. have deregulated energy distribution, making it easy to choose from which supplier you receive your energy in those states. Accordingly, www.saveonenergy.com writes what the consumer is really doing is selecting an energy vendor to supply power to their retailer. The retailer, or electric company, then sends the electricity to the consumer’s home. Deregulation gives consumers the opportunity to buy energy at a lower cost or from a company they prefer doing business with. Shopping for bargains Here’s what to look for when comparison shopping for the best deal on electricity: Watch your energy consumption at home by reviewing the meter and electric bills. Know when the peak times of use are and how …

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“Green” Land And The Politics of Language

On one major platform, societies are judged by their knowledge, which is clarified and communicated by language, using words which are the framework of this language. With this as a guideline, one might conclude that if a particular word had many, often disparate meanings, then societal knowledge would suffer, creating confusion and potential chaos. Chaos? Isn’t that a bit exaggerated? Perhaps , but certainly relative to one’s personal experience with chaos itself, or perhaps academic study into chaos theories of combustion powerful enough to create solar systems. Ah, but the word. That particular word. Green, that’s it. Green.

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