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Green Home Remodeling: Making Your Home More Sustainable

By Bob Gorman Your home is your greatest opportunity to make an eco-friendly impact on the world. From your appliances to your roof, you can make your home more sustainable and create a more eco-friendly footprint as you live a greener lifestyle. Every little bit matters! Start with a professional energy audit Even with all the blog posts in the world, you won’t be able to create an accurate assessment of your energy footprint without a little bit of outside help. Have a professional energy auditor go through your home and assess how much energy you’re using and where you can most effectively make positive changes. Look closer at your roof The goal of your roof is to keep the …

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Net Zero Home: An Affordable Green Option for Homeowners

Save money and resources with a net zero home

Net Zero certified homes are making a name for themselves in the Utah real estate market, primarily because of their energy efficient features.

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Energy Efficiency 101: Home Appliances & Efficiency Tips

By Jordan Remington Home appliances are the largest culprits that make energy bills skyrocket. The three most voracious energy gobblers are heaters, air conditioners and water heaters. The energy used to operate water heaters is higher than the monthly consumption of almost all small appliances and digital devices in a typical home combined, according to Duke Energy. As appliances age, efficiency declines, and energy use naturally increases. Older appliances and new Energy Star appliances run better and cost less to operate with proper cleaning and maintenance in the following ways. Climate Control: Heating & Cooling Since heating and cooling units directly impact health and finances, homeowners can’t afford to skimp on maintenance and upkeep. Comparing energy rates bi-annually is good practice. …

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Modernizing Your Home: Five Ways to Make Your Home More Green

Greening your home in five simple steps

By Kandace Heller As more people embrace a green lifestyle, they are looking for ways to make their homes more energy efficient. Fortunately, there are several ways a homeowner can improve the energy efficiency of his house. By using the latest green technologies, you can reduce your carbon footprint and energy costs. In some cases, you can even get tax credits or rebates for making such home improvements. Replace old windows In older homes, there are often air leaks around the windows. Older windows are also often single pane glass. By replacing all the windows in your home with new Energy Star rated windows, you keep your home more comfortable while lowering your energy bills. You can get double or …

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The Best Eco-Friendly Products on the Market

Mushroom GreenZero

At the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show, five green products stood out from the competition.

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Throwing a Birthday Party: How to Have an Eco-Friendly Bash

throw a green birthday party

Parties don’t have to be expensive, wasteful affairs. By following a few simple tips, you can host a green event to be proud of.

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Getting Off to a Great Start: Green Living in 2013

Green living starts with a few simple steps

Making a few simple changes in your home can improve its “green” factor and help you live a healthier life.

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Creating an Urban Garden in a Container: Give Life to Small Spaces

Give more life to small indoor or backyard urban spaces

By Kyle Martin Apartment balconies and tiny backyards seem to be unlikely spots for a lush garden, but more and more people are using their windows, fire escapes and rooftops to grow herbs and vegetables. That’s right, vegetables, herbs or flowers can grow in any small space, if you plant strategically. In three simple steps, you too can successfully grow container gardens. Containers Wooden wine or ammunition boxes are the perfect size for an urban garden. Hanging baskets, terra-cotta pots and other containers also work well as planters. Fern from Apartment Therapy advocates container gardening in her DIY urban garden. In wooden wine boxes from her grandfather, she plants lettuce and parsley. The greenery colors her outdoor living space, and …

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Conserve Energy and Reduce Your Power Bills

Save money by conserving energy

These quick and inexpensive projects will make your home more energy-efficient and save you money at the same time.

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How to Build a Solar-Powered Lawn Mower

Build a solar powered lawn mower

An intrepid individual built a solar powered lawn mower, and he provided instructions so you can too!

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