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Eco-Friendly Gold Extraction: How Cornstarch is Revolutionizing the Mining World

Is there an eco-friendly way to extract gold?

Mining gold often comes at the expense of the environment. The use of cornstarch, however, could change all that, making the process much greener and less expensive.

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The Surprising Link Between Owls, World Peace and Organic Pest Control

How owls contribute to world peace and organic pest control

In the Middle East, barn owls are being used to control the pest population, and their presence may even become a tool for peace as well.

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Five Sports Stadiums That Champion the Environment

2012 Olympic Stadium

Stadiums around the world that are making a lot of noise not only during a sporting event, but around the green community as well.

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Genetically Modified Corn Battles Drought

Genetically modified corn and drought

As the Midwest contends with a drought that seems to be the new normal, farmers and other agriculture experts ponder ways to squeeze crops from the parched ground.

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How to Build a Solar-Powered Lawn Mower

Build a solar powered lawn mower

An intrepid individual built a solar powered lawn mower, and he provided instructions so you can too!

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New Zinc Anode Battery System Saves In Energy Costs and the Environment

Zinc Anode battery system may cut energy and environmental costs

Researchers at the CUNY Energy Institute have developed a rechargeable zinc anode battery system that helps cut down on daytime energy costs.

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How Going Solar Can Change Lives

Going solar changes lives

Thanks to two American entreprenuers, solar power is changing the lives of poor villagers in India.

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LEDs now come in a new shape: square

Ever notice LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) are always round?  They emit light in all directions which has been somewhat of a hindrance for some advanced applications.  As we’ve discussed before, LED’s are a major component of the energy conserving consumer plan. Interestingly, most light sources we have create round light.  Go ahead, look around you and notice the shape.  This is handy for illuminating entire rooms or large spaces.  However as noted by the folks at Green Tech Media, many elements of life are, in fact, square or straight.  Read: desks, roads, paper, etc. The value in a new product coming from a startup in Austin, TX is that their LED light source creates a square light which will work …

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100+ steps to a green home

Steps toward a green home

The green movement is becoming less and less of a movement and more and more of a way of life.  We all want a green home, and there are lots of ways to get there.  We have sorted through the silly, the pointless and the too expensive to get down to the real ways to get a green home. Taking any number of these steps will help you transform your home into a thriving, environmentally friendly habitat. Buy Local Buy Organic Buy free range/cage-free Avoid packaging Do your research on products Insulate or additionally insulate your home Drive less Make your own cleaning products Wash clothes in cold water Get a dishwasher Convert to CFL bulbs from incandescent Avoid greenwashing …

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Eco-vending from a super green truck

If this thing’s dad was a roach coach, this apple fell far from the tree.  It is clean, shiny, eco-friendly, and carries good, healthy food!  They call it “EcoVending” (R) and it involves healthy, local food delivered all over Washington, D.C. Built on an American made GEM electric vehicle chassis, this green truck will deliver the above mentioned yummies almsot anywhere.  They’re also opening a few stationary locations in high-traffic areas around DC beginning at the Farragut North Metro Stop.  They’ve got a website, check it out here. Now that’s an eco-innovation!

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