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Write for us: Hippie Magazine and TDS Environmental Media

We are looking for talented writers interested in green issues

Write for Hippie Magazine and TDS Environmental Media

Want to write a post for Hippie Magazine?  We would be thrilled to have you join us.  In exchange for writing a post you’ll get:

  • An author page with a permanent link to your website (after your second accepted post with HippieMag or one other of the blogs in our network).
  • Credit under the post title
  • A more in-depth byline at the bottom of your post (this can include one link)

Writers that demonstrate commitment and skill will be considered for a paid freelance position within our network of blogs. Other blogs published by TDS Environmental Media include GlobalWarmingisReal, theGreenWashingBlog and EcoHostReviews

To get started please submit a sample post for review and possible publication. If we think your sample is a good fit, we’ll offer an opportunity for you to write more.

Submit your article by submitting the form below.  Here are some rules and guidelines:

  • Absolutely  no affiliate links or sneaky code.  We check.
  • Posts can be short (like this one) or long (like this one)
  • All posts need to be quality and completely original.
  • Once accepted and published here, your article belongs to Hippie Magazine and can be posted elsewhere only with attribution (a link) to Hippie Magazine.
  • We reserve the right to not use your post.  If that happens, you will retain all rights to your article.
  • No firms or companies please, individual eco-rockstars only.
  • Please click “Submit your post” only once.

Image credit: Neal Sanche, courtesy flickr

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