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5 Tips for a More Energy Efficient Home

Making your home more energy efficient just makes sense

Energy efficiency is all the rage these days. Stable energy prices are likely a thing of the past. In times of economic uncertainty, fluctuating utility bills are an ever greater burden. Not only are people concerned about their bills, but they’re also concerned about their carbon footprint and ensuring that Mother Earth, as we’ve known her for the past 10,000+ years, is around for future generations. If you want to make your home more energy efficient, here are five tips you should follow. Replace old appliances Old appliances are one of the biggest sources of energy in the home. From the refrigerator and stove to the washer and dryer, they seem to make the meter spin round and round. New ... Read More »

Green Home Remodeling: Making Your Home More Sustainable


By Bob Gorman Your home is your greatest opportunity to make an eco-friendly impact on the world. From your appliances to your roof, you can make your home more sustainable and create a more eco-friendly footprint as you live a greener lifestyle. Every little bit matters! Start with a professional energy audit Even with all the blog posts in the world, you won’t be able to create an accurate assessment of your energy footprint without a little bit of outside help. Have a professional energy auditor go through your home and assess how much energy you’re using and where you can most effectively make positive changes. Look closer at your roof The goal of your roof is to keep the ... Read More »

Infographic: The Tree of Life – Human Evolution Put in Perspective


Life on Earth is one big extended family   click on the graphic above for a larger view Based on the work of Dr. Richard Dawkins in his book The Ancestor’s Tale, this Tree of Life infographic from evogeneao.com colorfully demonstrates the evolutionary relationships of life on Earth. Leonard Eisenberg, a retired oil industry geologist, developed the site as a volunteer project for his children’s schools to help teachers educate their students about evolution. He created the infographic to counter the creationist themes he saw creeping into basic scientific curriculums. According to a 2011 survey conducted by Penn State University, 59 percent of teachers are wary of teaching evolution in the classroom for fear of the controversy it provokes. Worse still, another ... Read More »